10 Words to Know in Boston

Having trouble understanding the local Bostonian? Don’t worry, we all do. Although demystifying the Boston accent is a difficult task and takes a few lessons, in this post you can learn the most common words you’ll hear in Boston and only Boston. Here you can finally learn the unique meanings and start incorporating them into your own lingo!

1.“The T” - Although we don’t really know what it stands for, we can assume that the “T” was meant to capture the public’s attention. No one in Boston calls the underground public transportation system the subway or the metro - it’s the T.

2. “Wicked” - Don’t be confused: this term does not mean evil or bad. It is the most New England way to say “really”, as in “the Patriots are wicked awesome this year!”.

3. “The Pats” - Short for New England’s most beloved and cherished football team. May we remind you that we won, again, at the Super Bowl this year!

4.“Dunkies” or “Dunks” - Boston runs on Dunkin’. That liquid nectar of the gods they call coffee is what makes our city function. Fun tip: In Boston, there’s a Dunkies for every Boston police department. That’s a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts.

5. “The Common” - No, not the Commons, everyone. It is one field, one continuous, lush, green recreational area. Therefore, it is singular - the Common. Thank you and good day.

6. “Southie” - Known to locals as Southie, the neighborhood of South Boston is an epicenter of all things Bostonian. The Boston Tea Party happened in its harbor, Hollywood movies pretend that they were filmed there, and now its art & nightlife are up-and-coming. Keep your eyes peeled on this happening hub.

7. “Frappe” - The word rhymes with rap. It’s what other people call a milkshake, but here in Boston, we like to change things up! Milkshakes to us mean milk and flavored syrup. If you’re not confused enough, we also say chocolate milk. So… moral of the story: order a frappe on a hot summer’s day and you will get a milkshake.

8. “The Green Monster”- This is the left field wall at Fenway Park, where seats costs upwards of $4000 during the World Series. 

9. “The Pru” - Short for the Prudential Tower, it is the location where you can climb 52 stories (by elevator, don’t worry) to a summit at the top of the building to see all of Boston at a 360 degree view! Connected with other important structures, the Pru is shopping hub for all the latest trends.

10. “Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd” - This is not something we say; it is an over exaggeration…unless you’re from Southie ;) But we all do try our best to say “Park the car in Harvard Yard”.

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