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10 Cool Facts About Boston

1. Boston is home to the first school, the first public park, the first library, the first university (Harvard!) and the first subway in the United States.

2. The Boston University Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane!

3. 90 feet below the Earth’s surface, the Ted Williams tunnel, which connects the city to Logan Airport, is the deepest tunnel in North America.

4. Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call in history from Boston in 1876.

5. 75% of Boston’s population is under the age of 45.

6. Boston is home to 58 colleges and universities.

7. The Boston Crème Pie, a well-known American dessert, was created by Chef M. Sanzian of the Omni Parker House Hotel in 1856…ONE BLOCK FROM GEOS!

8. In August of 1965, the T (Boston’s subway) changed to a color-coded system for the subway lines.  The Orange line ran along Washington Street (Where GEOS is located!), which used to be called Orange Way.  The Blue line was the first subway line in the world to run under water, under the ocean.  The Green line travels past the Emerald Necklace (the name for Boston’s strip of green park lands).  The Red line used to finish at Harvard, and the school color for Harvard is crimson red.

9. The lower part of Beacon Hill, the Public Gardens, Boston Commons, all the way to Back Bay, was water, and was filled in with land brought in from surrounding towns to create the rest of the city of Boston. 

10. The colored lights on the top of the old Hancock building tell the weather: “Solid blue, clear view” “Flashing blue, clouds due”  “Solid red, rain ahead” and “Flashing red, snow instead”  and in the summer, flashing red means that the Red Sox baseball game is cancelled due to rain.