10 International Eats in Boston

Living in a new country always lends itself to exploration and discovery, but you don’t have to be limited to all-American cuisine while here in Boston.

This city is full of delicious, exciting eateries that represent hundreds of different cultures. While you’re here studying, you’ll be making friendships with students who hail from all over the world, so why not try some of their unique cuisines!

After visiting these gastro hot spots, introduce your new friends to restaurants that recreate dishes from your corner of the world. See if the cuisine they offer is as good as what your family makes at home – you be the judge!

1. Baraka Cafe (Central Square, Cambridge): North African (Price $$)

This Algerian-Tunisian restaurant is a hidden gem located just off of Mass Ave; a little far from GEOS Boston, but worth the trip. Their rose and herbs lemonade (known as Cherbat) is absolutely divine! Come here for food that is just as exotic and flavorful as if it were actually served in a corner cafe in Algiers. Baraka Cafe's Website

2. Zocalo (Back Bay): Mexican (Price $$)

It’s time for fiesta at Zocalo! Offering great dishes and sides, make sure to try the award-winning guacamole, which is made right when you order it. You can find the restaurant right behind the John Hancock Building in Copley Square. And if you’re studying with us in the summer, you can eat outside on Zocalo’s patio, dressed with beautiful light strands. Zocalo's Website

3. Cafeteria (Newbury Street): American (Price $$)

If you’ve already eaten all the burgers and fries you can handle, Cafeteria offers an upscale (affordable) twist on American classics. The atmosphere is nicer than a dive bar with white interior and vibrant artwork, but they offer a refined version of classic burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Their brunch is a great complement to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to boot.  Cafeteria's Website

4. Bricco Panetteria & Salumeria (North End): Italian (Price $$)

Yes, there’s Mike’s and Modern Pastry, but hidden on the same street where these popular tourist destinations are located, is Bricco Panetteria. When you’re checking out Paul Revere’s House or shopping in the North End, make sure to take your lunch break at this authentic bakery. They bake their own bread right on the premises and then make your sandwich with it! Just make sure you don’t miss it – it’s located down a teeny tiny alleyway!  Bricco Panetteria's Website

5. Punjabi Dhaba (Inman Square, Cambridge): Indian (Price $)

Lines and lines of people wait outside of the spicy, flavorful Punjabi foods. Open late and located in a foodie hotspot, make sure to go with time to spare. And don’t forget, this place is cash only! Punjabi Dhaba’s Website

6. Fajitas and Ritas (Downtown): Mexican (Price $$)

Just down the street from GEOS, happy hour (and any other hour) is a fun time at Fajitas and ‘Ritas! The colorful decor makes eating quesadillas all the more delicious and authentic. Located in a convenient area, this eatery is a solid choice for lunch or dinner.  Fajitas and ‘Ritas' Website

7. Hai La Moon (Chinatown): Chinese (Price $)

Fast and furious dim sum service! Make sure to bring your friends from China for this experience because they can definitely help you translate and decipher the multitude of authentic menu options. Hei La Moon's Website

8. Boston Burger Company (Back Bay): American (Price $$)

Craving a regular burger? Well, this is not the place for you. Boston Burger Co. offers almost 30 variations on the classic, from the “Bahama Mama” (with mango salsa) to quite literally “The Kitchen Sink”. Located around the corner from Berklee School of Music, you might even make some new musician friends when ordering an American classic.
Boston Burger Company's Website

9. Zinnenkan’s (Harvard Square, Cambridge): Belgian (Price $)

After you’ve walked around MIT & Harvard’s Campus all day, the best place to revive yourself is with dessert! This adorable locale specializes in the Belgian Waffle, in all its scrumptious variations. A must when visiting the universities in Cambridge. Zinneken Waffles’ Website

10. Faneuil Hall’s Quincy Market  (Downtown): International (Price $ to $$$)

When you don’t know what you want, this is the place for you! A short walk from GEOS, it’s super convenient for both its location and variety. Everything from Greek to ice cream, meatballs to Korean, everything is sold here. They even have a Starbucks! Faneuil Hall Restaurant Directory Website

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